Sorting out the Family Home upon a Marriage Breakdown

Here at Curran Bowles Family Law, we specialise in sorting out finances following a marriage breakdown including the family home.

There are various factors which will be taken in to account when sorting out finances on divorce.  We will be able to advise you once we know all the circumstances surrounding your case.  The most important factor will be the needs of the parties, and any minor children.  We can advise whether it is likely that you will get to remain in the family home, have your interest bought out or if the property might require to be sold. 

Every case is different and you should get specialist advise from the outset of your separation so that you are informed as to what might happen.  Get in touch today if you need to discuss an issue relating to separation or divorce,  on or telephone 02897 512722 to discuss your situation in confidence. 

Clare Curran
Director & Head of Family Law


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