Here at Curran Bowles Family Law, we specialise in advising on all aspects of finances pertaining to separation or divorce.

Inherited assets are not always treated in the same ways as other ‘matrimonial assets’ in a marriage breakdown so it is important to get the right advice from the outset of your case.

In cases where the assets exceed the parties’ and any minor children’s needs, the court will have regards to what is just result and fair between the parties; inherited wealth forms part of the property and financial resources which a party has and therefore must be taken into account and must be disclosed, but the fact that it is inherited may justify it being treated differently from wealth accrued by the joint efforts of the parties; There are various factors that are relevant in terms of striking the right balance in achieving fairness in a case and we can advise you as to what might be relevant and how your case might be dealt with by a court. 

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