What is a Matrimonial Agreement? Sorting Finances on Separation

Here at Curran Bowles Family Law we have lawyers who specialise in helping people resolve their finances after a relationship or marriage breakdown.

Very often people do not want to go to court and want to sort out their case by agreement.

We can advise and assist in this process.  We will talk you through what is likely to happen and advise you what a Judge would likely do if the case went to court – this will help you negotiate a reasonable and fair outcome without actually have to go to court, if both of you can come to an agreement.

We will advise you about the need for separate and independent legal representation, the process of exchanging full and frank financial disclosure prior to negotiating your settlement and when an agreement is reached we will draft up a legally binding agreement to sever your financial ties and covering all the relevant issues, without the necessity of issuing contentious court proceedings.  If your spouse is being unreasonable or withholding necessary information we will discuss your other options. 

Often there are various financial issues that need to be discussed and resolved, including the family home, other properties and assets, savings, policies, incomes and pensions.  It is important that you get clear and concise advice from the start about who might be entitled to what.  It is frequently not appropriate simply to split things on a 50/50 basis.  A court would consider the needs of the parties first and foremost, as well as considering what would be fair in all the circumstances, which often means that assets are not divided equally.  Therefore you need to get the right advice from the start,  if you want to negotiate a financial settlement without going to court.

Get in touch today if you need advice or assistance about a relationship breakdown and associated finances.  Our specialist family lawyers are here to help.  You can email  us on info@bowles-law.com or telephone the office on 02897512722 to discuss your case in confidence.   

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Director & Head of Family Law


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