We have specialist advisors here at Curran Bowles Family Law who can advise on all aspects of the division of matrimonial assets after a marriage breakdown here in Northern Ireland.

It is important to get advice at the outset on the different types of assets and the manner in which the Courts here in Northern Ireland might view them in the context of a marriage breakdown.  The court distinguishes between ‘matrimonial assets’and ‘non-matrimonial assets’ depending on who, why and when they were acquired.

Matrimonial assets would typically include property such as the matrimonial home, any income derived from the parties’ employment, pensions, policies and savings accrued during the course of the relationship through the parties’ joint endeavours.

Other assets such as a pre-owned or post- separation acquired asset, an inheritance or a claim acquired from a source outside of the marriage might not be viewed in the same way and division of such assets on an equal basis, may not happen if this would not be considered a fair outcome.

You will need specialist advice in this area to know what the likely outcome is in your particular case.  It is important that you get this advise at the earliest opportunity to inform any future discussions or negotations.  The Court has a wide discretion in determining division of both matrimonial and non matrimonial assets results and the particular facts are considered on a case by case basis, but lawyers specialising in this area can advise how the specific facts in any particular case are likely to be applied.

If you need legal advice arising out of finances to do with a marriage breakdown please do not hesitate to get in touch with our specialist family law team on or 02897 512722 to discuss your situation in confidence.

Clare Curran
Director & Head of Family Law


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