Annulment - Void and Voidable Marriages

Curran Bowles Family Law have specialist advisors with particular expertise in the area of annulment.

Any marriage is presumed to be lawful however if it was not, an annulment can be sought and granted in 2 different types of case:  where a marriage is either void or voidable.

Such applications are relatively rare and will only be granted in very specific circumstances.  Unlike divorce, if there are appropriate grounds, an application can be made to annul a marriage within the first 2 years.  There are stringent grounds that have to be met and these are set out in the relevant legislation and case law.  Some examples are where capacity to consent to the marriage was absent or another is on the grounds of wilful refusal or incapacity to consummate the marriage.  We can advise you if you may have appropriate grounds to seek an annulment of your marriage once we know the background to your case. 

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